MLB Thoughts 5/13



1.Rays-playing good and are a surprise- up next  Rays at Twins

2.Mariners- Starting to play better- up next Red Sox at Mariners (4 games)

3.Twins- Bad loss today but, been a good surprise- up next Rays at Twins


1.A’s- Awful so far- up next White Sox at A’s



1.Nationals-Starting to be the team I expected- up next Nationals at Padres (4 games)

2. Cubs-Fun team to watch- up next Pirates at Cubs

3. Dodgers- Probably the best team right now- up next Rockies at Dogers (4 games)


1. Rockies- Worst team in baseball- up next- Rockies at Dodgers (4 games)

2. Mets- Good start down the drain- up next- Brewers at Mets

TV This Weekend-

Friday- 220pm Pirates at Cubs MLB Net. 815pm- Tigers at Cardinals MLB Net. (alt- Indians at Rangers 805pm)

Saturday- 105pm- Braves at Marlins FS1 and 405pm Pirates at Cubs FS1

Saturday- 910pm- Red Sox at Mariners MLB Net. (alt- White Sox at A’s 905pm)

Sunday- 210pm Yankees at Royals MLB Net. (alt- 220pm Pirates at Cubs)

Sunday- 805pm- Tigers at Cardinals ESPN


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