MLB Thoughts 5 /4


1. The Yankees are in 1st and this week will prove alot, after they finish in Toronto, they head home to meet Baltimore.

2. The AL East basically the division of doom, each team has a chance to win it with the Jays being only 4.5 out, I still think Baltimore and Boston are the best, but, if the Yankees can keep getting good pitching, for sure they can hit and score so if that happens they will be in it.

3. The AL Central is a 2 team race with the Tigers and Royals but, they will be close all season.

4. Houston is red hot, but can it continue? Personally, I like the Angels but, they are not as good as I thought.


1. The NL East is weak, hence why the Mets are in 1st, the only real competition will be the Nationals, the Braves are too young.

2.The Cards are a beast and the best in the Central, I still like the Cubs for a wildcard spot.

3.  The Dodgers, Giants and Padres will make the West fun, I like the Dodgers and Giants to be 1 and 2 at the end.

Wild Cards-

AL- Yankees and Royals (Royals win the 1 game)

NL- Giants and Cubs (Giants win the 1 game)

Division Winners-

AL East- Orioles, Central- Tigers and West- Angels

NL East – Nationals, Central- Cardinals and West- Dodgers


AL- Tigers vs Royals (Tigers in 5) and Angels vs O’s (O’s in 4) O’s vs Tigers- Tigers in 5

NL- Cardinals vs Giants (Giants in 5) and Dodgers vs Nats (Dodgers in 3) Dodgers vs Giants Dodgers in 6

WS- Dodgers vs Tigers- Tigers in 6


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