MLB Thoughts 5/3


1.The Astros have  a record of 17-7, they are young but, playing well, I would like to see this continue but, the Angels are the best team roster wise and I see them taking over the west soon. (up next- Rangers at Astros and Mariners at Angels)

2. The Yankees have been playing well and better than I thought considering the roster is good but, not great. (up next- Yankees at Blue Jays)

3. The Royals have been another surprise so far as they are better than expected. (up next Indians at Royals Tuesday start)


1. The Mets have fallen back which I expected they are good but, not great by any means (up next Orioles at Mets)

2. The Central is between 2 rivals the Cards and the Cubs and they meet this week in St. Louis for 4 (up next Cubs at Cards)

3. The West’s best is the Dodgers for now, the Rockies fell back as expected as they are not good (up next Dodgers at Brewers)


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