MLB Ramblings 4/25


1.Right now the Royals are the team to beat, they have a confidence that shows they are ready and are now experienced.

2. The Astros are a young team, will they be in 1st in a month? Who knows but, they are improving

3. The Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays will make the AL East fun

4.Do not count out the Orioles, once they get healthy they have time to make a move

5. The Indians and the Rangers are disappointing so far, especially the Indians


1. Do not look now but, the Marlins are getting going

2. The Rockies can be good if they can stay healthy

3. The Mets have shown they can be in the mix and will not go awau

4. The Brewers are awful in more than 1 way, no pitching and hitting

5. Same for the Phillies but, they were expected to be bad, the Brew crew not so much

Series to watch:

Monday- Wednesday

1. Mets at Marlins- Monday-Wednesday 710pm

2. Giants at Dodgers-  Monday-Wednesday 1010pm

3. Rays at Yankees-  Monday, Tuesday 705pm and Wednesday 105pm


1. Angels at A’s- Tuesday, Wednesday 1005pm and Thursday 335pm


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