Baseball Midweek Thoughts 4/16


1. Rays-Better start than I expected to be quiet honest, they beat the Jays and Marlins already (up next 3 vs Yankees)

2.Royals- They keep winning (up next 3 vs the A’s)

3.Rockies- Off to a good start and are in 1st (up next 3 at the Dodgers

4.Reds- Decent start (up next 3 at Cardinals)


1.Twins- Awful start ( up next 3 vs the Indians)

2. Marlins- For a team that made all the changes the start is not what they wanted (up next-4 at Mets)

3.Giants- They cant score runs (up next 3 vs the Dbacks)

4. Yankees- Sluggish so far (up next 3 at Rays)


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