Baseball Announcer Rankings

1. Mets- Gary Cohen Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez

Thoughts- They have been together 10 years and I have no complaints

2. Dodgers- Vin Scully (home games and California and Arizona road games ) and Charlie Steiner, Nomar Garciaparra and Orel Hershiser road games

Thoughts- Vin is the best and the road analysts are good

3. Red Sox- Don Orsillo and Jery Remy

Thoughts- Another team together for years and well liked

4. Brewers- Brian Anderson and Bill Schroede

Thoughts- Brian is one of the most underrated  play by play guys

5.Padres- Dick Endberg, Mark Grant and Mark Sweeney

Thoughts- Dick Endberg is a legend

6. Cubs- Len Kasper and Jim Deshaises

Thoughts- Good team that is a good listen

7. Mariners- Dave Sims and Mike Blowers

Thoughts- Dave Sims is good and Blowers is decent

8. Angels- Victor Rojas and Mark Gubizica

Thoughts- I like Victor Rojas alot but, Mark Gubzica is nothing to brag about

9. Giants- Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukrow

Thoughts- decent team

10. A’s- Glen Kuiper and Ray Fosse

Thoughts- Glen and Duane are even but, Mike Krukrow is better so the Giants get 9th


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