Baseball Thoughts 4/12


1.Red Sox- They looked good against the Yankees and have been playing well (up next vs Nationals)

2.Tigers- Showed that they won their 1st 5 games 3 vs the Twins and 2 vs the Indians (up next at Pirates)

3. Royals-Just swept the Angels after sweeping the White Sox. (up next at Twins)

4..Braves- Who would have thought, they would have started this well ( up next vs Marlins)


1. Indians- Did not look good against the Tigers losing 3 straight and looking sluggish to them (up next vs White Sox)

2. Marlins- Have been flat all season and other than 1 win over the Rays, so far they are overrated (up next at Braves)

3. Brewers- They do not have the pitching and hitting is suspect, as they just lost 2 of 3 to the Pirates (up next at Cards)

4. Angels- Got swept by the Royals (up next at Rangers)


1. The last of the home openers are tomorrow with , Phillies at Mets. Tigers at Pirates, Brewers at Cardinals, Rockies at Giants and Rays at Blue Jays.

2. The Marquee series are, , Angels at Rangers, Mariners at Dodgers and Nationals at Red Sox.

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