Mets, Yankees and Twins Preview



Rotation-(Colon, DeGrom, Harvey, Niese and Gee), The rotation is good, losing wheeler will hurt them but, with these guys they will be ok.

Bullpen- (Meija, Familia,  C. Torres, A. Torres, Blevins,Carlyle,Gilmartin and Montero),The bullpen is good but will get better when Parnell returns in a month and Victor Black returns in a week. They have good depth

Overall- Should be no issues as they have the talent to be good.


Starters- (Lagares, Murphy, Wright, Granderson, Cuddyer,Duda, D’Arnaud and Flores), This line up is good but, will not scare anyone to be quiet honest.

Bench- (Recker, Nieuwenhuis, Mayberry Jr. and Tejada), This is weak other than Nieuwenhuis

Overall- The starters will have to do well to have any chance

Prediction- 3rd place, they have a good team ,but, the Marlina and Nationals are better.



Rotation – (Tanaka, Pineda, Sabathia, Eovaldi and Warren), alot of question marks here to be honest, how good is Tanaka’s arm and will Sabathia stay healthy.

Bullpen- (Betances, Miller, Carpenter, Wilson, Rogers, Shreve and Martin), losing Robertson hurts them more than I think they expect

Overall- Very suspect pitching will hurt them


Starters- (Ellsbury, Headley, Gardner, Texeria, McCann, Beltran, Rodriguez, Drew and Gregorgious), with no more Jeter leading off or batting 2nd Ellsbury, takes the leadoff spot with Headley or Gardner batting 2nd or 3rd, the lineup will hit so that will not be an issue.

Bench- (Jones,Murphy, Young and Ryan), nothing to write home about

Overall- Good hitting starters but, a bench thats decent

Prediction- 3rd place, the Orioles and Red Sox are better, the pitching will hurt them



Rotation (Hughes, Nolasco, Gibson, Milone and Pelfrey), losing Ervin Santana for 80 games (July) will hurt them alot, the new rotation will scare no one

Bullpen- (Perkins,Duensing,Fien,Stauffer,Graham, Boyer and Thompson), Perkins is an ace closer and Duensing is good, the rest are young

Overall- These guys will give up runs, nothing to get excited about


Starters (D. Santana, Dozier,Mauer,Hunter, Plouffe, Suzuki, Arcia, Vargas and Schafer), the top of the order will be fun

Bench- (Escobar, Robinson, Hermann and Nunez), this is their weakest part

Overall- The guys can hit, if the pitchers can be better than expected, maybe they finish 4th

Prediction- Last place, strong division and a lack of pitching hurts them.


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