AL Thoughts 4/2


Yankees- Too many question marks, makes me iffy on this team, with Sabathia coming back from injury, Arod missing a season with his suspension, Betances replacing Jeter and so on. I think they will be decent, but, not playoff caliber

Orioles- They lost players but, still will be good, Mercado is healthy and Chris Davis will return after opening day from his suspension. I see them being in the wild card picture

Blue Jays- They added Josh Donaldson which will help them but, do they have the pieces to make the playoffs?

Rays- Too Many changes to be considered a threat, but, they do have Evan Longoria.

Red Sox- My pick to win the East, Sandoval and Porcello will help them out.


Twins- A new manager in Paul Molitor is a good thing, but, they are still not good

Indians- Alot of questions, they have some good players in Carlos Santana, Corey Kluber and Jason Kipnis, I see them in the wild card race as well.

White Sox- They added Melky Cabrera and David Robertson, but, I am not sure if they can be a playoff team. I see them in the race though.

Tigers- They are the division champs again,they have Verlander and now David Price and Ian Kinsler for a full season which helps

Royals- I just do not see them making it back, are they good? Yes but, they lost too much


Angels- My west champs, they have a good team again with Trout, Pujols and David Freese leading them, the talent will over come the loss of Josh Hamilton

Mariners- They are a team to watch, if they can stay healthy with the likes of Cano and adding power hitter Nelson Cruz, i can see them in the playoffs

Astros- They are getting better, but, not yet

Rangers- Losing  Darvish hurts their playoff chances, they will be competitive but, the AL is tough

A’s- They lost alot to overcome but, knowing them, they will be tough


East- Red Sox, Central- Tigers, West- Angels, Wildcards- White Sox and Orioles

Red Sox (3rd seed) vs Tigers (2nd seed)- Tigers in 6

Angels (1st seed) vs White Sox (Wild Card winner) Angels in 6

Angels vs Tigers- Tigers in 6


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