MLB Best Games Opening Week

Monday- Thursday

1. Red Sox at Orioles ( Mon. Wed and Thurs at 705pm)- The defending champs meet a team that could be in the running for a wild card spot.

2. Giants at Dbacks( Tues and Wed. 940pm and Thurs.340pm)- The Dbacks had a bad start in Australia and now face a team that could be right in the mix for 2nd place.

3. Dodgers at Padres ( Sun. 805pm, Tues.640pm and Wed.340pm)- Top team in the West meets a team that will probably battle for 4th.

4. Cardinals at Reds( Mon.410pm, Wed. 710pm and Thurs. 1235pm)- rivalry

5. Mariners at Angels(-Mon- Wed. 1005pm)- The reloaded M’s head to a good Angels team.


Friday- Sunday-

1. Giants at Dodgers( Fri. and Sat. 410pm and Sun. 805pm)- Rivalry

2. Braves at Nationals ( Fri. 105pm, Sat. 710pm and Sun. 135pm)- Probably the 1st and 2nd place team in the NL East.

3. Rangers at Rays ( Fri. and Sat. 710pm, Sun.140pm)- Should be some runs scored in this series.

4. Phillies at Cubs ( Fri.-Sun. 220pm) Home openers are always a tradition at Wrigley.

5. Mariners at A’s– ( Thurs. and Fr. 1005pm, Sat. 405pm and Sun. 405pm)



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